• Why does love have side effects?
    As I got off the phone with my ex-boyfriend (me and him have been calling each other every night since we were together) and he said that he didn’t love me. I wonder why did it hurt so badly when he said that why did I feel like dying in some random corner. Why did it stab me like a knife when I said that Why doesn’t thing pain in my heart go away? Is it because I love him still? At one point me and my ex were in love and later his love for me died and my stayed I was afraid of losing him if I strayed away from him, I didn’t want him to leave me, I didn’t want him to leave me in my misery. I didn’t think I would find any body again. Maybe that’s why I kept up with all of his crap toward me. Its funny how I didn’t notice that it was destroying me from the inside. I was miserable and I didn’t really realize it in till he slapped me. Its funny how love is so blinding that we forget what’s happening to the world around us, that we don’t even notice the bad things happening to us and the effect it has on the people close to us. Like in “The things were carried” Cross was so in love with Martha that he wasn’t looking out for his men. So the effect of that love killed one of his men, and now he has to live with feeling that hurt forever. My grandpa loved my grandma a lot and she loved him then she died. And he cry’s almost every day for the lost of her. And now every day he looks at the sky and wonders if he will ever find love again. The effects of that love now leave him in misery and hear ache. Why do people commit suicide when their girlfriend or boyfriends die? Its because they love them and they think that they wont ever find love again or cannot live with out them. So they kill them selves cause the pain is too strong and overbearing to handle of being alone. The reason we feel this pain of just wanting to die when our loves one go away, is because 1. We think we wont find any body again, 2. We wont have the affection they gave us ever again, 3. Or they don’t want to live with out the other person or in short terms lose them. I now know why teenagers break up, get together, break up, get together over and over again. Its because of one of those reasons. Even if they didn’t love each other. All of uses love one another in different ways. We could love each other like friends, dating, marriage, or relative. I now understand why people stay with their abusive husbands/ wives and their alcoholic husbands/wives. It’s because of the three reasons. It may or may not apply to lots of people but it’s just what I think about it. But there is love every were and yes love doesn’t go away but you will find love again. So don’t give up hope be strong and move on from the past. Yes that love will always be there but you can lock it away. That’s why love has side effects cause its always there and it will be forever, and its one of the strongest emotions we feel and the one we want to feel the most.