• How life goes on is a mystery and you'll only learn from it if you live in it. Don't be afraid to show who YOU are and not WHAT you are. It shouldn't matter what race you are, or if your straight or gay...in my book it doesn't matter....What really matters is how you treat others around you, how you love everyone you meet, how you meet new people every day and don't care whether they are asian, white, black, don't matter. Your life is full of unexpected turns and twists and the only person who can fix it is you..So why waste it on drugs and alcohol, wasting your life as a teenager and not living the way you want it. I hear so many kids say that they hate their parents...but deep inside they do love them. You really shouldn't say that at all....there family and they are only trying to help with what you need.....in the Hebrew Bible in the book of Genesis, it says in the 10 commandments...:"treat others as you wish to be treated" "honor thy father and thy mother" "thou shalt not kill".
    Also in Genesis, a woman named Eve is convinced by the devil in the form of a snake to eat a forbidden fruit off of the tree when God told her not to in the first place...
    My lesson from that, not to follow Saitan but your heart.
    Everything happens for a reason...but if it's a reason that starts with a wrong, you can always try to fix it. It's never too late.